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Christian based books are quite obviously our thing, and we wanted to start bringing you a few more reviews of relevant literature, that we think you may like. To kick this off please visit our new book review of Jesus Calling.

You have missed out on some of the most meaningful experiences of your physical life and society has failed you. You were disempowered at birth. They didn’t know what to call you, so they gave you a name and that was the beginning of your end.

Religious moral values and laws based on them do not work. The promise of peace on earth has not materialized over thousands or perhaps millions of years. A morality based on “good and bad,”  “right and wrong” has led you down the proverbial garden path – it doesn’t work! They did it from love and ignorance so that you could not use your power selfishly, and to protect themselves from you, and now you are doing it to your children. The truth has not set you free, because it’s not your truth.     . This sisn't true when discussing accident and sickness insurance for contractors, as that is a true benefit that many people require. It can cover you for any kind of accident at work or whilst you are on the way to work.

With awareness and knowledge comes power. Most people fear power because they have never learned how to use it. However, being powerful doesn’t mean that you will be corrupt or that you will lead the blind, or be a super hero; it simply means that you will have more choices. If you had the secret, would you not use it – of course, and it is why they are keeping it from you.

Live a life of fulfillment that the rich can only dream of and never buy.

Picture your life of abundance, love, happiness and good health? You don’t have to be missing out – raise your awareness and think outside the box.

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